My Holiday Vacation Bucket List

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My parents are very into traveling and I’ve reaped the benefits of this all my life. We’ve gone on cruises to Alaska, spent Christmas in Hawaii and flown over a snow-covered Arizona in my dad’s airplane. We’ve made memories and visited some of the prettiest places in the world together.

As Charlie and I start talking about next year (and admittedly, I find myself more and more in love with him), I find myself thinking about vacation time we’ll need to take and of course, my mind first goes to dream vacations. If you’re going to plan something, do it big, right? I love staycations and this writer probably needs to take some time away just to write, but why not plan my dream vacation?

I don’t have a holiday bucket list, really, but I have a holiday vacation bucket list. I love putting up my Christmas tree, watching holiday movies, and making hot chocolate at home. I usually drive around town looking at Christmas lights (which is even more fun in New Mexico because of their tradition of luminarias). But one thing I’ve done around Christmas that I would love to do more of is travel. I’ve been to New York at Christmas and have seen Rockefeller Center all decorated. I’ve been to Disneyworld and Disneyland during the holidays, Vegas, New Mexico, and Hawaii. But I haven’t been to Germany during Christmas (which I’ve heard is amazing) or my newest dream spot: Quebec City, Canada.

No one seems to enjoy Canada in the winter (even Canadians), so I love that it’s not everyone’s first choice. A few years ago when we went on the cruise to Alaska, we stopped in Canada and I fell in love. After that one trip, I decided I loved Canada so much that I would keep going back (or maybe buy a vacation home there). So of course, when I was starting to plan my holiday vacation bucket list, I had to include Canada and that’s when I found Quebec City. Not only is Quebec City in Canada, but it has a Winter Carnival and it’s very own hotel made out of ice. It looks magical and even has a reputation as being one of the most romantic vacation spots.

From the photos below, I’m sure you can see why.

Quebec City My Holiday Vacation Bucket List

quebec city 2 My Holiday Vacation Bucket List Source
Quebec City view My Holiday Vacation Bucket List Source
Dream Vacation My Holiday Vacation Bucket List
quebec city 3 My Holiday Vacation Bucket List Source
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12 Days of Christmas

Twelve days of Christmas final 750x297 12 Days of Christmas I’m doing something totally different this year at Christmas! Since I’m such a huge fan of Christmas and Hallmark Channel holiday movies, I’ve teamed up with 11 bloggers from my #BlogTribe this year to bring you 12 Days of Christmas #MerryBlogmas style, with a whole bunch of giveaways at the end of things.

Christmas is my favorite time of year but I’ve never really dedicated so many days to blogging about it. I’m looking forward to it, mostly because this year I’ve gone Pinterest crazy and have about 16 boards dedicated to Christmas. I even have a dream vacation board for winter vacations which I’ll be writing about on December 1st.

Each day during the 12 Days of Christmas, we’re going to be posting about a different topic and you’re welcome to join along with your own posts about the topics below. If you do have a Christmas related post, on the 16th of December we’re going to open the floor up to YOU to link-up your posts.

Dec 1 – Creating a holiday bucket list
Dec 2 – Gift ideas
Dec 3 – Craft
Dec 4 – Movies
Dec 5 – Recipes
Dec 8 – Christmas Kindness
Dec 9 – Traditions
Dec 10 – Home tour/décor idea
Dec 11 – Hosting or Traveling
Dec 12 – Kid Friendly Christmas
Dec 15 – Health/Fitness
Dec 16 – Link Up Christmas Extravaganza – Anyone can link up any Christmas related posts

Today, my boyfriend, Olive and I are sitting around the living room, snuggled up in blankets. He’s watching James Bond and I’m blogging. Olive is guarding her bone. Later this weekend or next week, we’re hoping to go grab a fresh tree and we’ll be spending some time decorating our first Christmas tree together. How romantic is that? (I think Christmas is one of the most romantic times of the year.)

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