I just want to lay in bed with my vibrator all day

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Or, why I need some time off. 

I was talking to a fellow blogger the other day about the time she bought weed wearing a “Smile, Jesus loves you” t-shirt. The funniest part about that story is that I can see her doing that. After she told me about it and how weed makes her loopy (and not in a good way), I gave her some sage advice:

Don’t blog while you’re high.

keyboard cat I just want to lay in bed with my vibrator all day

I’ll refrain from driving traffic to the posts someone (not me, Mom) wrote while they were high because they’re beyond ridiculous. But let’s just say that writing one line that says:


doesn’t constitute as blogging.

Unless you’re high.

keyboard cat2 I just want to lay in bed with my vibrator all day

Then, yes. It does. Very much so. Also, keyboard cat was fucking amazing and I can still remember that night and that little kitty in his blue shirt pounding on his keyboard like DUT-DUT-DUT/DUT-DUT-DUT. It’s good shit. So was the stuff I was smoking.

Like, I’m watching it right now and smiling. And I’m not even high.

The real disaster was when I tried to get all “serious reporter” status on the internet, writing about the Japanese tsunami and how terrible it was. I think I found some “unseen” footage and posted it on my blog, thinking I was a real life journalist. Unfortunately the footage was more along the lines of “Japanese tsunami caused by aliens.”

aliens 750x549 I just want to lay in bed with my vibrator all day

So sue me. I was high.

et I just want to lay in bed with my vibrator all day

A Day in the Life of a Creative Writer

A few months ago, I met some wonderful women bloggers that I now call my Blog Tribe. Thirty women getting along all in one place? Impossible, right? Wrong. Honestly, we have a great sense of camaraderie and everyone is incredibly helpful. I’ve written about this before, but in my four years of blogging, I didn’t have a close set of blogging friends I could ask questions of and it made blogging (and learning how to blog) a bit difficult. I’m not a new blogger anymore, but I love helping out some of the newer bloggers in our Blog Tribe and even after four years, there are things I’m still learning. Not to mention, one of the reasons I love my Blog Tribe so much is that they GET IT. They understand my blogging craziness and my obsession with blogging.

I also love connecting with other women who are veteran bloggers and creatives. Bev Feldman is one such creative woman I’ve loved connecting with. She’s from Boston. I LOVE Boston. I also love her jewelry.

bev feldman A Day in the Life of a Creative Writer


Bev is a jewelry designer and owns a handmade jewelry business called Linkouture. She also blogs about the creative side of life (right up my alley). I’ve enjoyed reading her posts and her suggestions for books on creativity (which are always on her Instagram account, so is the photo below).

steal like an artist A Day in the Life of a Creative Writer

Recently Bev invited me to do Ask Away Friday and of course I agreed. In case you don’t know, #AskAwayFriday was started by by Penny of Real Housewife of Caroline County as a way for bloggers to connect to one another. Each week bloggers pair up and ask each other 10 questions (we did 9).

You can read my questions for Bev and her answers on her blog. Here’s what she asked me:

  1. BEV: What does a typical day look like for you? ME: I usually get up around 6 am to take the dog on a walk, make coffee and then get started writing or blogging. If I’m blogging, I spend the morning skimming social media and emails and then I write for an hour or two. I edit, schedule posts and respond to comments for the afternoon. If it’s a writing day, I may spend the first part of the morning reading and then the afternoon writing or vice versa. Sometimes writing days involve brainstorming or sketching out ideas and often it involves a lot of staring at a blank screen. Sometimes I make coffee and breakfast and re-read what I wrote the day before, making notes or edits. There’s no “typical” day for a writer.  breakfast and a work in progress A Day in the Life of a Creative Writer
  2. BEV: Up until a few years ago, I used to hate writing and was very shy about my writing, so sometimes it surprises me that I now write willingly. Have you always had the writing bug, or is it something that came to you later in life? ME: My mom read to me a lot as a little girl and we always went to the library to pick out books. At a young age I decided I wanted to be a writer and my parents encouraged me to do so. I wrote a novel one summer when I was nine or ten and sent it off to a publisher. Of course it was rejected (I’m not even sure it was typed!), but my love of writing never left me. Blogging really has helped me develop a habit of writing every day. I typically write 2,000 – 3,000 words a day.
  3. BEV: What is something people might not know about you? ME: Most people who meet me online think I’m this incredibly bold, super strong person. I am both of those things, but not in the ways my readers often think. I’m very shy and quiet and I prefer to be behind the scenes (or behind the screen) rather than in front of a huge crowd. I like one on one conversation with close friends and I’m not a social butterfly. If I were to give a speech today, I would probably be shaking so badly everyone in the audience would be nervous for me!
  4. BEV: What is the most daring or bravest thing you have ever done? ME: Starting a blog about my life in a cult. Not only was it incredibly brazen of me to do, it created a lot of enemies. Cults are famous for their attacks on people who share their secrets. At one point, I dove in head-first to investigative journalism and started exposing scandal and abuse that came from very powerful, very wealthy (but very unethical) religious leaders. My readers and fans used to joke that you didn’t want to get on my bad side. It was very brave of me, but I’m not sure all the attacks and harassment were good for my health.
  5. BEV: Previously you wrote a blog about your experience being in a cult. What inspired you to write about that, and then ultimately shifting gears and starting this blog? ME: When I left the cult in 2005, I didn’t immediately think of writing my story because I was still processing it. People encouraged me to do so, but there’s something very difficult about writing about such an emotionally charged subject when you’re not ready. It can be premature. I started writing about it simply because I wanted justice for what I’d gone through. I had gone through so many other channels to try to prevent the brainwashing and abuse from happening to other people who stayed behind and there was no other way. My blog became a powerful way to expose a secret world that was harming people, teenagers and young adults in particular.  People were emailing me all the time, explaining that they were suffering from terrible depression and anxiety after leaving the cult. I really felt like I had a job to do, helping others get out of cults and recover from them. I started shifting gears for a variety of reasons, mainly that I had a lot of issues with people stealing my ideas and content. One of the best ways to prevent intellectual property theft on blogs is to stop posting on blogs and write offline. That’s what I do now. I also was just honestly overwhelmed by the good and bad attention my blog brought me. I needed some breathing room and some time to reflect. That’s why I started this blog.
  6. BEV: How has your blogging changed since you started this blog? In what ways has it stayed the same? ME: The subject has changed on my new blog but my voice is still the same. Readers still find my same honesty and rawness here. I still blog about depression, anxiety and sex but now I’m more aware of how to protect my privacy and safety through my writing. In the past, I had privacy issues and didn’t always feel safe with some reader’s emails (I got a lot of hate mail and harassing emails) but now I’ve changed up some things to make me feel safer.
  7. BEV: What book(s) are you currently read? If you are not reading one right now, what did you read most recently? ME: I read various books for fun and for research. My reading goes through spurts. Sometimes I binge on reading novels and then I spend days writing. Right now I’m reading mystery novels. On my nightstand and Kindle are: The Sookie Stackhouse series, Stephanie Plum novels, Dresden Files, The Secret Miracle: The Novelist’s Handbook, The Definitive Guide to Writing on Your Terms (a really great book on writing and getting over the fear of writing), some Ian Fleming, and Titan and Dune (my boyfriend’s favorite sci-fi novels and his recommendations to me). sookie stackhouse A Day in the Life of a Creative Writer
  8. BEV: You find yourself with an entire day to yourself and no access to internet. How would you spend the day? ME: I would spend the day outdoors. Next to the Internet, my favorite place to be is somewhere in nature. I love day hikes and California is so great because I can drive to the beach or mountains within an hour or two. I usually take my camera and my dog and spend a few hours exploring. We recently went to Mammoth, CA for my brother’s wedding and spent some time outdoors. It was gorgeous, as you can see below.  mammoth lake A Day in the Life of a Creative Writer mammoth 2 A Day in the Life of a Creative Writer
  9. BEV: How do you like to spend your time when you are not writing? ME: I’m a big fan of good TV and movies. Right now I’m really into The Good Wife and Downton Abbey. My boyfriend and I spend Monday night’s catching up on The Good Wife. If I were in another life, I would want to be Alicia Florrick. She’s so kick ass and powerful. I really admire women like that. We also watch a lot of Castle, which is great because I’m working on a mystery novel and the show is really fun and helps me stay in the mystery genre. When we’re not watching TV, we’re cooking. My Instagram is littered with photos of his masterpieces. One thing I have to say about my boyfriend is that he’s an amazing cook and he’s challenging me to be a better one.

Photos above from my Instagram.