Daring to Meet My Readers

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It’s no secret I have terrible anxiety. I also have been making strides to get over that anxiety and taking baby steps to do that.

One of the steps I want to take is to meet my readers. It’s been a huge point of anxiety for me over the years until recently and it’s also been something I couldn’t do one-on-one because of other life responsibilities and commitments. I’m in a good place in life, surrounded by supportive friends and family, and have grown fond of the idea of meeting up with a handful of readers around the world so I could connect with YOU and talk to you about all the things you’ve wanted to talk to me about. Or just to grab coffee.

I do best in small settings and really well face-to-face when I’m not in a huge group. This might end up being the best thing I’ve decided to do yet, since I don’t have tons of fans in the same city and would probably have to meet people one-on-one anyway. With the exception of Georgia, North Carolina, and the Midwest, which oddly enough seem to have the largest number of fans within reach of each other.

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I’m working on some ideas to make it possible to meet one day, but I have a lot of work to do and it will probably be expensive if I don’t work on sponsorship or fundraising. Most of you don’t live near me and most of you live out of state or out of the country. There are pockets of you in the Midwest and East Coast, others in Europe and Australia. I would really like to meet all of you, but I’m not sure that’s humanly possible because I’m not rich, but with some creativity and some time to brainstorm, maybe I can figure out a way to make this work.

I’m asking you now, if you’re interested in the possibility of meeting me that you keep your eye out on future posts because I will be asking for your feedback on what topics you’d like me to read from when I visit and I’ll also be looking for event hosts to help me square away local venues to speak at and maybe (in select places) even people who would open their home to me to let me stay with them overnight. I won’t stay with a stranger, but if I’ve known you forever, I’m open to that to keep costs down so I can travel to see more people. If it ends up that I just have single readers in a variety of nearby cities, maybe I’ll just set aside a few days and hit up one state or country that way and we can just grab coffee and chat.

These will be casual events regardless of how many people are involved, will include some discussion, and maybe even a workshop. I’m dreaming it up as we speak so stay tuned for details.

This is a huge step for me. I have some more work to do on my anxiety before I can truly commit to something this big (for me) but I really want to make it happen so I’m taking the step of putting this out there. I’m also committed to some things locally, so I would have a limited window to travel.

If you’re interested in bringing me to your city, please fill this brief form out. This will help me figure out what the best cities are for me to visit.

I just want to lay in bed with my vibrator all day

Or, why I need some time off. 

I was talking to a fellow blogger the other day about the time she bought weed wearing a “Smile, Jesus loves you” t-shirt. The funniest part about that story is that I can see her doing that. After she told me about it and how weed makes her loopy (and not in a good way), I gave her some sage advice:

Don’t blog while you’re high.

keyboard cat I just want to lay in bed with my vibrator all day

I’ll refrain from driving traffic to the posts someone (not me, Mom) wrote while they were high because they’re beyond ridiculous. But let’s just say that writing one line that says:


doesn’t constitute as blogging.

Unless you’re high.

keyboard cat2 I just want to lay in bed with my vibrator all day

Then, yes. It does. Very much so. Also, keyboard cat was fucking amazing and I can still remember that night and that little kitty in his blue shirt pounding on his keyboard like DUT-DUT-DUT/DUT-DUT-DUT. It’s good shit. So was the stuff I was smoking.

Like, I’m watching it right now and smiling. And I’m not even high.

The real disaster was when I tried to get all “serious reporter” status on the internet, writing about the Japanese tsunami and how terrible it was. I think I found some “unseen” footage and posted it on my blog, thinking I was a real life journalist. Unfortunately the footage was more along the lines of “Japanese tsunami caused by aliens.”

aliens 750x549 I just want to lay in bed with my vibrator all day

So sue me. I was high.

et I just want to lay in bed with my vibrator all day