Finding Your True Talent

In case you missed this post from my Facebook:

Years ago I set out to draft a novel and ended up becoming a blogger. I am still working on my novel, but it’s a SLOW process to create a good book.

Blogging, though, is an instant connection with readers and for me, it’s simple. It’s something I can sit down and do as easy as breathing. It’s a safe social outlet for an introvert like me.

oprah Finding Your True Talent

I love this quote from Oprah because every time I blog, I feel a little guilty inside. Like I’m doing something I shouldn’t be doing. Or “wasting time” with a less noble profession. But there’s nothing more exciting to me than a blank blog post and making connections with people around the world. It inspires me. It excites me.

So, maybe Oprah is right. Maybe it’s in doing what we aren’t “supposed” to be doing that we find our real talents and passions.

lisa kerr headshot 2 Finding Your True Talent
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lisa kerr headshot 2 Finding Your True Talent
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  • Joy Felix

    Haha – I can relate on the novel! I’ve been writing one for years. Creativity is hard! Blogging is fun though :)

    • Lisa Kerr

      Creativity is hard. I’m scheduling a post on this tomorrow and will update with the link once it’s live. There’s been some recent research on it that’s rather enlightening. Blogging is fun, though. It’s a lot of work, but a different kind of work. Good luck on the novel writing!