What is a Twitter Party?

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With all the talk of our upcoming Twitter Party for The Girls Who Read book club, I thought I would take a few minutes to explain what a Twitter Party is and how you can participate.

What is a Twitter Party/Twitter Chat?

First of all, a Twitter Party and Twitter Chat are two interchangeable terms. There’s no official “chat” feature on Twitter. You simply follow a hashtag using the search bar and reply to users directly (also mentioning the hashtag, which identifies you as part of the conversation).


In our case, the hashtags we are using are:


And for fun:


Other hashtags you can use:

#BookClub #Sookie #DeadUntilDark #SookieStackhouse

Next Party Details

  • Where: On Twitter, using the hashtag #TheGirlsWhoRead
  • Hosts: @thereallisakerr
  • When: July 24, 2014, ALL DAY
  • What: A book club discussion about the first book in the Sookie Stackhouse series: DEAD UNTIL DARK.

How to connect with other members

Leave your twitter url in the comments below and make a list of The Girls Who Read so you can follow everyone during our next party. You can also “subscribe” to my list here, which makes it super easy to find other members. To be added to the list, just tweet me @thereallisakerr and ask to be added.

Is there a shortcut to all of this?

Yes! The simplest way to find the hashtag is just to follow the hashtag through the Search feature on Twitter. You can also use a program specifically set up for this, some of which include:

  • TweetChat (Come chat with me on #tweetchat http://qub.me/SoPNTq)
  • HootSuite (Make sure to add the hashtag on the end of your tweets on these programs!)
  • SproutSocial
  • TweetDeck
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lisa kerr headshot 2 What is a Twitter Party?
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