6 Bold White Wines for the Sweet Wine Lover

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Today’s guest post is from Joanna from Motherhood and Merlot. I recently met Joanna online, as bloggers usually meet, and we connected right away. She created this really fabulous blog tribe that I’m part of and I’ve loved every minute of it! I also love her honest approach to motherhood, marriage and of course, wine! Since Joanna blogs about wine every Wednesday, she’s been inspiring me to expand my palate. I’m a sweet wine lover, through and through, and am always made fun of by the red wine drinkers in my family. Since I now drink beer, I know I’m capable of enjoying some good white wines that aren’t Moscato or Riesling, but I need some handholding so I can find the right ones. Who better than Joanna to show me (and those of you who are also sweet wine drinkers) which bold white wines to pick? Today I’ve invited Joanna to share with us six wines for the sweeter wine lover. She’s tried (and reviewed) tons of wines, so we don’t have to. 

Sit back, grab a glass, and enjoy Joanna’s post! 

I could not be more excited to guest poster here. Lisa is an exceptional writer and I know her readers are equally as phenomenal!

I love a good wine, white or red, it doesn’t matter to me! I review different wines weekly on my website. I do not claim to be any type of expert on the subject, just an avid wine drinker and lover.

Lisa mentioned to me that she usually leans more towards the lighter and sweeter whites when it comes to her wine of choice. So I thought I would bring you all a list of 6 wonderful white wines, ranging from the really sweet side and then venturing into the slightly bolder and less sweet side, so that maybe those of you that do lean towards the sweeter wines might find a few on this list that will expand your wine horizons. These are wines that I have tried and enjoyed, but don’t feel confined to just this list!

wine collage 6 Bold White Wines for the Sweet Wine Lover

6 Bold White Wines for the Sweet Wine Lover

  1. Little Black Dress Pinot Grigio: I love the Little Black Dress brand as a whole. Their wines are almost always good and they have a great price tag at around $11. This wine in particular will definitely cater to those of you that like your wine sweet. It carries mostly notes of apple and pear, but isn’t sweet to the point of a syrup-like consistency, as some sweet wines have. It is by far one of my favorite sweet whites. Another great one from this brand that leans more toward the tart notes while continuing to remain sweet is 2011 Little Black Dress Sauvignon Blanc. If you are trying to branch out from the really sweet whites (Riesling, Moscato), I would absolutely try one of these two!
  2. Thorny Rose Chardonnay: This is another wine that is more tart than sweet. With notes of green apple and citrus,  it is a wonderful wine to have with a light lunch or to sip on the patio with some friends. It is not your typical Chardonnay. It doesn’t come off as creamy or have too many oak flavors, but it is a unique and crisp wine that those who love lighter wines would enjoy.
  3. Green Fin Pinot Grigio: If you are in the mood for a cheap, sweet, but tasty wine, this will satisfy all of the above! At a price of just under $4, you can’t really beat the quality of this Pinot Grigio. Another one that has plenty of green apple notes mixed in with a light honey flavor for the added sweetness, this is a great pick for a weeknight dinner when you just want a decent glass of sweet white.
  4. 2012 Pacific Rim Dry Riesling: Dry and Riesling don’t usually go together… when you think of Riesling, the words “sweet” and maybe even “fruity” come to mind. But, if you want to try something new and not as dessert-like as some Rieslings can be, go on the hunt for a Dry Riesling like this one. It is crisp and contains much more citrus flavor than a normal Riesling.
  5. Bordeaux Chateau Olivier Chardonnay: If you are in the mood for an expensive wine, Bordeaux carries some world renowned and beautifully made wines.  These wines range in price depending on their territorial classification and their vintage and some can push over the $1,000 mark. But for the most part, the sweet wines in the Bordeaux array remain close to $30, and the flavor is never lacking. The Chateau Olivier is a Sauvignon Blanc that will not disappoint with flavors of citrus, lemon grass and melon, and a price tag of just over $30!
  6. Cupcake Chardonnay: This wine is for those that want to branch out from the sweeter wines and try something with a bit more depth in flavor. This Chardonnay has strong vanilla notes, but also carries a heavy amount of toasted oak. It is creamy, as Chardonnay should be. This one took me a little while to get used to, because to me the oak flavor is pretty bold. But, now I enjoy a glass of this when I want something less sweet. You can usually find this wine in a local grocery store for around $12.

Thank you all for letting me come join you over here! I would love to have you come visit me over at www.motherhoodandmerlot.com for a new wine post every Wednesday!Cheers

-Joanna from Motherhood and Merlot

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